May 31, 2010

He's my favorite boy

all this about who I am and why I wrote this article.
Initially I did not understand why I should write this, but now that I think turned out this article can shed any latent feelings.

all teenagers know Justin Bieber. He's my favorite boy. and I know he is a famous artist in all corners of the world. and once again I knew I could not win her heart. and the third time I knew I would get to know him more and more closely than others. Cause I'm an ordinary girl and do not have anything and any money to spent.

I'm far from where you are, far away and maybe you do not know what country I live in, and maybe you'll ask where INDONESIA it?
in my country are very much like you. to melt when you see the video clip, her heart beating when I saw your picture on TwitPic albums and nearly fainted when saw you on TV the domestic private sector, let alone a magazine article that discusses about you every edition.
I sometimes think, very good to be Justin. rich, handsome, sweet, lots of fans, loved by parents, and very easy to find girlfriend. but if Justin Bieber happy behind all that?

I stared into his mind. I think he's very lonely behind the board's fame. did not have invited friends who can play all day, did not have time to enjoy his youth, and must work every time. I know this is tough but I'm sure he can overcome all this because he is very professional. always face things with a cheerful and not easily discouraged.

I think Justin Bieber sociable person, attractive, simple, not arrogant, loving, and my criteria once, i love him more than words.