May 05, 2010

justin bieber

okay, before i write it, let me tell you if i'm not copying from other site. so, it's original from my mind.

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER, his name was so really cute. he was born on 1 March 1994, 1 years over me. her dad named jeremy bieber, and her mom named pattie mallete. her dad and mom was divorced, hmm so sad like my story. therefore, he make his song titled "down to earth". that song is very slow and sad.

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER, he started his carreer in youtube. he record every song he sing. and one day usher interested to him and now, justin bieber's mentor is usher.

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER, his song was sooo nice and good. i like all his songs. from my world - my world 2.0. his voice is cute and detail. lemme tell you his songs:
1.Down To Earth
2.One Less Lonely Girl
3.One Time
4.Common Denominator
5.Love Me
6.First Dance (ft. usher)
8.Favorite Girl

1.stuck in the moment
2.somebody to love
4.eenie meenie (ft. sean kingston)
5.overboard (ft. jessica jarrel)
6.never let you go
8.u smile
9.that should be me
10.runaway love

that's all his songs.

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER, the boy who knock my heart and my heart couldn't stop it beat. the boy who make me melted every watch his video. the boy who have a nice voice, altough like a child. the boy who make me can't breathe. every i'm face on hard thing, i always think of justin. every i look on justin i have a spirit in my heart. oh noo, you totally make me melted. ROAARR!

JUSTIN DREW BIEBER i beg you don't be arrogant to your fans, friends, family. i hope you'll be normal boy like before. i like you and i don't care who you are, rich or not, ugly or good. cause i like you fully and i hope you know what i feel.

love you my husband :)

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