December 06, 2010

love letter from BJ.Habibie

Actually this is not about death, not that.
Because, I know that everything would be gone in the end, and death is something definite, and this time it is your turn to go, I really know it. But what struck me so great, is the fact that death can actually decide happiness in oneself, in a moment, then it was able to make me miserable as hell, like my heart was in place, and my body felt empty, lost the contents of

You know darling, it feels like the wind that had suddenly gone dry switch gersang.Pada tears that fell this time, I tuck the long goodbye, the loyalty that you carve, the bitter sweet memories while you're there, I'm not going to complain , but it was too soon you're here.
They thought I was a good lover for you love, without them knowing it, that you're the one who made me love that I may faithfully baik.mana kecenderunganku when it is ambiguous, but you taught me loyalty, so I'm loyal, you have taught me the meaning of love, so that I can love you like this.
Goodbye, You're from Him, and returned to Him, you were gone for me, and now again gone. goodbye baby, light my eyes, my soul conditioning, safe streets, a candidate my angel heaven ....

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